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5 Healthy Nigerian Foods You Might Be Overlooking Daily

"Oyinbo sickness no fit catch us." This idea, although misconstrued, claims that our strength as Africans translates to being invincible to certain things.

As Nigerians, we are constantly plagued by the age old notion of invincibility. “Oyinbo sickness no fit catch us.” This idea, although misconstrued, claims that our strength and endurance as Africans translates to being invincible to certain things, like bad diets.

The saying that “Health is wealth”, on the other hand, is so true. Staying healthy can not be overemphasized. A healthy lifestyle is essential for long life and productivity, and as Nigerians, we need to adopt more dietary food options.

Eating healthy keeps the doctors away and saves you time and money that could otherwise have been put to better use. This list will help you rediscover 5 readily available foods in Nigeria that can help you eat healthier, so let’s dive right in!

  1. Ginger

    This is a readily available herb that is highly beneficial to your health. Although some people can not take it raw, it can be added to some of the foods you take daily. Ginger is amazing because it acts as a regulator for the sugar levels in your body. Sugar kills the body’s cells while ginger kills sugar compounds. It can be used in your jollof, pap, stew, pepper soup, beans and many more foods. It can be pounded or blended for easy consumption.

  2. Substituting Red Meat for Chicken

    Studies have shown that cholesterol is found in higher proportions in red meat like beef, lamb, and pork. They possess more saturated fat, which in accumulated amounts in the body can become harmful. Saturated fat is the bad kind of fat which is found in very little amounts in chicken. Cholesterol and saturated fat can raise your blood cholesterol, raising the risk of heart disease. Eating chicken is a healthier choice than red meat and it’ll help you stay healthier.

  3. Fruits & Vegetables

    Vegetables are probably the easiest to procure on this list. Vegetables include Ugwu, waterleaf and bitter leaf. These are all healthy vegetable options that can help rid your body of toxins and keep you healthy. Vegetables like carrots, green peas are good examples as well. They can go absolutely well with rice. Slice your carrots and add green beans to them for an excellent dish. Fruits are also very available for us. Staying healthy can be made easy by constantly stocking up on fruits. We are blessed with a variety of delicious fruits that serve the dual purpose of blessing your taste buds and keeping you healthy.

  4. Garlic

    Spicing your meal with garlic is also a very good option. A lot of people avoid garlic because of the potential it has of ruining your breath after. Even so, health above all other things, right? You can easily wash your mouth after. Garlic does a host of things which range from managing the sugar level in the blood to blood cholesterol levels. It also prevents gynaecological disorders and boosts immune function. A pot of stew with a bulb of garlic is not a bad idea. You live longer and healthier.

  5. Fish over meat

    As earlier mentioned, red meat possesses saturated fat that can be harmful to the body. If chicken is too much of a stretch, fish is a better option for you. It is the healthier alternative and you can never go wrong with it.

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