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Nutrition: Back to the Basics

Getting a very nutritional diet can be the difference between staying healthy or paying the doctor unwanted visits.

Getting the right nutrition for your body is something most of us don’t actually take proper time to think about. The phrase, “You are what you eat” couldn’t be truer. Nutrition is basically the food at work in your body. It is basically when a human being’s system ingests, digest, transports and basically uses the food you’ve ingested.

Getting the right diet can provide an individual with the nutrition they need to grow and/or function. Nutritionists can advise you on how best to go about this. Staying healthy requires good nutrition. It is imperative that us as humans get a balanced nutritional diet that possesses all the necessary components for growth. Like earlier stated, nutritionists or nutrition experts are well versed in what to eat, how to eat it, when to eat it that will make your growth more intentional. They ensure that you’re on the right track nutrition wise.

The food we eat can be perceived as the fuel that makes the body work. Imagine the body as an elaborate machine with food as it’s fuel. These foods provide energy for the body and further act as:

Energy-giving foods

Carbohydrates and fats especially serve this function perfectly. They are the most important foods that give energy to the body. They are very important because they give the body energy to perform both voluntary and involuntary tasks.

Bodybuilding foods

An excellent example of bodybuilding foods are proteins. They’re very instrumental in building muscles, organs and bones. All of these are maintained by the protein supplied by food we eat. That is why for bodybuilding, nutritionists will advise you to input a lot of protein into your diet. Other classes of food like minerals including iron, phosphorus are known to affect blood formation and skeletal tissue.

Protective foods

This is basically a combination of several classes of food that help protect your body against foreign invaders. They safeguard the body system against diseases. Vitamins and minerals are very good for this purpose.

Regulatory foods

Another very underrated class of food is Water, Roughage. Mostly because we are very lax on how important water is to the body, we don’t understand how much work it does. Water greatly helps to regulate body processes. Example of these processes include digestion, maintenance of the body temperature, excretion and the electrolyte balancing. Roughage are also essential in aiding body movements.

Nutrition in the body can not be overemphasized. Getting a very nutritional diet can be the difference between staying healthy or paying the doctor unwanted visits. Some important nutrients required by the body include:-

  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Proteins
  • Water
  • Roughage

It is important for us to know what to avoid and what to eat. Your diet should contain the right type of food designed to provide you with a nutritional diet. The right type of diet can help you grow, stay healthy and indeed give you a very long life.

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